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Break the Rules

When did you last break the rules?

If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Breaking the rules.  Sound like fun?  Sound like you might end up in jail?  What do I mean by break the rules?

  •  Breaking free of the standards of others.  We all have people in our lives: parents, teachers, bosses, friends, siblings – basically society in general – that have their “rules of behaviour”.  Breaking the rules is about finding out what YOUR standards are and following them.
  •  Finding new and creative ways to do things.  It’s the creative people who have “rule breaking” ways of thinking that create innovations and inspire others.
  •  Being unstoppable.  No matter what anyone else says, no matter what challenges arise, no matter what others say; break the rules and continue to strive toward your goals.

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. ~Katherine Hepburn

It’s the rule breakers that have the most fun and get the most done.  I’m reminded of an episode of Friends where Pheobe decides to join Rachel on her funs through the park.  Rachel was concerned about form, about her times, about looking like a “good” runner.  Pheobe embarressed her by running haphaazardly, arms flailing around with a huge smile on her face.  When Pheobe confronted Rachel about why she didn’t want to run together anymore, Rachel told her that she was embarressed by the way Pheobe ran.  Pheobe, the free spirit, got her nose out of joint and said that she thought running was fun and that’s why she did it and looked like a little kid as she did.  At the end of the show Rachel tries out Pheobe’s method and discovers the fun of breaking the rules.

When is the last time you thought outside your litter box and broke the rules – even just a little?

So break away!

I like breaking the rules. ~ Lexa Doig

  • Do something everyday that scares you.
  • Do something everyday that makes you say, wow that was great!
  • When someone else says, this is the way it’s always been done say “then it’s time to do it differently.”
  • Give yourself permission to take risks.
  • When challenges come, take your eyes off the challenge and put them onto the goal.
  • When old tapes to tell you to stop say back, “Thank you for sharing, I’m up to something else.”

It’s up to you to know which rules are holding you back.  Which habits created by following someone else’s rules are breaking your spirit.  It’s time to break free!  Today is your day.

Get out of your litter box, leave the crap of those rules behind and make your own impact on history.  Happy rule breaking, Bad Kitties!

Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Hugs, Christie