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This Year – Resolve to Put Self First


This is how it feels to put yourself first!

It’s almost here.  Another year comes to a close as we greet the new one with anticipation.  This is always a challenging time of year.  So many of us go into a new year with high expectations hoping that this will be the year that they don’t fall apart after the first month or two.   Many of us look back on the previous year and see where we’ve failed rather than where we’ve succeeded and hope that, somehow, this new year will be different.

I am all for knowing where one might feel the need to make a change.  It’s a law of nature – you’re either growing or dieing.  The question is, WHY do you want to make this change?  Is it social pressure?  Is it trying to be a “better” person?  Or is it from a place of already loving yourself, already accepting yourself and wanting to express who you are more completely?

In case you didn’t guess, I’m all over the last one!

One of the most common New Year Resolutions is to lose weight/get healthier.  It’s why attendance at gyms spike in January.  It’s also why they decline in March.  For most people the resolution is made because they think they have to do it in order to be a better person, to be more accepted, to be more attractive.  This motivation can die quickly when things become hard.  On the other hand, when you already love yourself and accept the way you look you make a choice out of a powerful place.  “I choose to be healthier/release weight so that I have more energy to do the things I love.” 

The end result may be the same but the intention will carry you a lot further.

I have a challenge/suggestion for you, make this simple resolution:

I resolve to put myself first this year.

This will mean different things to different people.

  • taking a full day off every week
  • going for a pedicure once a week
  • taking a walk every day
  • meditating
  • going to yoga
  • sleeping an extra half hour
  • getting someone else to cook dinner once a week
  • delegating to kids/hubby/co-workers
  • reading
  • taking a class
  • listening to music
  • going to a retreat
  • removing toxic people from your life
  • pursuing a passion
  • taking up an instrument or craft
  • watching the sunrise/sunset
  • shopping for yourself (not the kids)
  • speaking your mind
  • breathe
  • play
  • tea out on the deck

There are so many ways to put yourself first.  The key is to make the effort! 

What the world needs now is for each of us to be who we truly are, and to bring our gifts into the world. Don’t hold back any longer. Be Present, Be You. That is enough. Really it is.  ~Nancy Bishop

If you need a little help, The Bad Kitty is here for you.  Check out the GRAND PUMA MEMBERSHIP that begins in January.  This offers monthly classes, bi-monthly events and a myriad of other things for you to do to put yourself first.  It costs very little and gives  so very much.  You deserve it, kitty!  This is your year to PURRRRR!!!

Give everyone a gift and treat yourself this year.  When you take care of yourself first, you have more energy to serve others and you have more joy in doing so.  You have so many others to take care of, be sure you are first on the list.  Your care of self will trickle down to the care of everyone else.  This is the only resolution you need.